We are delighted that you’re getting married here in St. Brigid’s Church and we will do all we can to ensure you have a happy day.


As you will already know there are many things to be done in  preparing to be married in the Catholic Church

  • A couple must give a minimum of three month’s notice to both Church and State of your intent to marry.
  • You must contact the priest in their local parish where each presently live to let him know of your intention to marry and make an appointment to meet him. (This may not be the same priest who will celebrate your wedding with you.)


These are the documents you should bring to the Meeting with the Priest

(a). A new long form of your Baptismal Certificate issued within six months of the proposed date of marriage from the parish of Baptism

(b).A Certificate of Confirmation (separate certificate if not recorded on baptismal certificate)

(c) Proof of Freedom to Marry
i.e. Letters of Freedom from each of the parishes the person has lived in for six months or more since he/she was 18 years of age.


(d). Marriage Preparation Certificate


A Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form (to be completed with your local priest).  The form indicates that you are free to marry and helps identify any special permission that you might need.
(The individually completed forms of the bride and groom are sent to the parish priest of the Church where the wedding is taking place and after the wedding the forms are kept in the parish archive).



Civil Requirements

There are Civil Requirements separate to the Church requirements which need to be fulfilled by all couples intending to get married in the Republic of Ireland.

(a). The couple must arrange to meet in person a civil registrar at least three months before the wedding to give the required three month’s notice of their intention to marry.(In advance of meeting the registrar, know the name of the priest/deacon (solemniser) who has agreed to celebrate them marriage.)

(b). Receive the Marriage Registration Form from the civil registrar.(Without this document no Marriage can take place.)

(c). Show this form to the priest/deaconto check that details are correct.

(d). Make the verbal declaration of no civil impediment not more than two days before marriage.


(e). Return the signed Marriage Registration Form to any civil registrar no later than one month after the wedding.

If you wish to be married in St. Brigid’s Church and would like Fr. Martin to celebrate your wedding he is very happy to do so.


You will need to meet with him 3 times prior to your wedding as well as at the rehearsal in the week prior to the wedding.


The fee for the use of the church for weddings is €150.







Getting Married Abroad

Documents and information required for Irish residents marrying abroad.

Baptismal Certificate (dated within 6 months of the date of the Marriage).

Confirmation Certificate

Letters of Freedom or Affidavits (signed in the presence of a Solicitor).

Pre-Marriage Course Form (this is a requirement)

Pre Nuptial Enquiry Form (completed by the Priest of the Parish where you now reside).


You will also need to provide

The name of the Priest abroad who will officiate

Name and full address of the Church where the ceremony will take place

Name of the Diocese where the Church is


NB. All Church documents must be sent by your Parish Priest to the Diocesan Office in Galway at least 6 months prior to the wedding.

The Diocesan Office will forward the documents to the relevant Church authorities abroad.


Couples wishing to get married in Rome through the Irish College must personally contact the Rector Rt. Rev. Mgr. Liam Bergin, Pontifical Irish College, Via de SS. Quattro 1, Roma 00184, Italy.-Tel: (00 3906) 77261.
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Website:


Couples must obtain a document called “Nulla Osta” from the State.
This may be obtained by writing to The Department of Foreign Affairs, 80 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.-statin the country in which they intend to get married.