Sunday May 15th


People of the Parish

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Monday May 16th


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Tuesday May 17th


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Holy Hour

Every Wednesday

7.00 - 8.00pm

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Friday May 20th 10am

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Saturday May 21st 5pm

Baby Lily Gardiner

1st Anniversary

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Sunday May 22nd

African Mass

John Folan (A) a

and deceased family members.

Frank Glynn (A)

Margaret Glynn (A)





At our recent Pastrol Council meeting it was decided that on occasions we would invite the different nationalities in our Community to make a contribution to our Sunday liturgies here in  St Brigid’s Church.
On Sunday the 22nd May the African Community will contribute to our Liturgy.
We would like to offer a special invitation to members of the African Community to join us for 10:30am Mass
Sincere thanks to Edyth and Chioma our two African representatives on the Pastrol Council for helping out with the Liturgy








Please note the weekly envelopes for the upkeep of the Parish are available at the back of the Church.


We would be very grateful if you would take one.  

Our finance committee will be meeting shortly to prepare a financial report and

it will be presented in the near future

at all our weekend Masses detailing all our income and expenditure