St Brigid’s has a growing number of people willing to become involved at all levels of parish life. The parish is also committed to working hand in hand with associated bodies, toward their goal of furthering the development of this vibrant community and in fostering a spirit of inclusivity within Ballybane as a whole.


The Mission Statement of St. Brigid's Parish Ballybane

As a community of faith, we the people of St. Brigid's Parish seek to share our gospel values and beliefs within our parish community and beyond.

The Pastoral Team as a leadership group in St. Brigid’s we share in the mission of Jesus through our witness and commitment. We strive to continue to use our gifts and talents in the service of God through serving others.


Our Vision Statement

To develop faith in our parish.

To build community based on Gospel values.

To welcome all people and to celebrate our many cultures.

To witness to faith by serving others, especially the poor and disadvantaged.


The ministry and work of St. Brigid's is shared between five Core Groups:

Liturgy Group, Faith Formation Group, Community Group, Finance Group and Care and Maintenance Group.
The Chairpersons of these five groups along with the Priest form the Parish Pastoral Team.


What is the role of the Pastoral Team in the Parish of St. Brigid’s Ballybane?
This Parish Pastoral Team is a partnership of priest, religious and laity consulting and working together to lead the parish community in fulfilling its  vision

What we do

  • We listen to parishioners and, through prayer, reflection and discussion, ascertain the needs of the parish.
  • We encourage and support new Parish initiatives and take decisions in relation to their implementation.
  • We encourage all parishioners to use their gifts in the service of the parish by their participation in Parish Life
  • We plan and organise how best to use the gifts and resources available to us at parish and diocesan level.
  • We prioritize communication with parishioners through meetings, newsletter and encourage feedback through surveys and questionnaires
  • We strive to continually affirm existing ministries and provide on-going support and spiritual formation for the Pastoral Team and all those actively involved in parish ministry   
  • We regularly evaluate and review the work of the Pastoral Team and the Core Groups in order to remain abreast of the changing needs of the people we serve.
  • We take very seriously our responsibility to promote and oversee implementation of parish policies in regard to child protection and health and safety. These policies and procedures are in line with diocesan policy and meet statutory requirements. Strict adherence is sought from all parishioners actively involved in parish ministry.

Core Groups


The Liturgy Group
This group works with the priest to prepare for the Weekend Masses in the parish. They represent various ministries around Eucharist, Ministers of the Word (Readers) Ministers of the Eucharist, Music Ministry, Creative Liturgy and Collectors.



Faith Formation Group
The nurturing and nourishing of faith in the parish is the primary objective of this group. In relation to formation in faith its members share responsibility with the priest for Sacramental Programmes around Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation. They are to the forefront in promoting faith development through short courses and inputs on prayer and scripture in the parish. The group has a role to play in encouraging all parishioners in coming to a deeper understanding of their faith and in the living out of that faith in their daily lives.



Community Group
Building a caring community is a goal for all Christians and Church members. It calls for respect and tolerance which can become more genuine through meeting and getting to know one another. This group has the fostering of a sense of community as its primary objective and constantly seek opportunities to do so. The Community Group’s work is shared between The Rainbows Team, The Hospitality Team, The Meet and Greet Team, The Visitation Team and The Wednesday Club Team. The Hospitality Group as well as the Meet and Greet Group are already well established and have done excellent work in helping people meet and chat. Communication is a crucial part of bringing a community together and the Parish Website and Newsletter as well as the Church Notice Boards provide useful information on local services, occasions and events of interest to parishioners. 


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The Finance Group and the Care and Maintenance Group are responsible for the more practical aspects of parish life.




All our work with young people in the parish at present is focused on faith and sacramental preparation. However, through our involvement in the Ballybane Taskforce, we are looking forward to working with agencies in this area mandated to develop projects with and for youth.

The very important role of communication is carried out in the parish by a Communications Co-ordinator.


Invitation to Volunteers

We are always delighted to welcome new people to join those already involved. If you would like to contribute a little of your time in the service of your community through a church based activity please contact Fr. Martin or the Parish Office 091 755381.